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Fawn Wujick

I am interested in NFPF Board membership because I believe my 22 years of experience in the non-profit world gives me insight to help the organization to grow, be prosperous and make a difference in the community.  I would like to see NFPF be successful in meeting its vision and mission.  I like working with people and sharing my life experiences that can help in the success of the organization.

The following  is a list of non-profits that I have served in the past/present:

Community Health Trust:  1996-2000
Louisville Youth Group:  2000-2009
Shamrock Foundation, Art for the Animals:  2006-2015
Pandora Productions:  2009-2015,  2018-present
Louisville Gay Men’s Chorus:  2017-present


I was born and raised in Newton Falls and graduated from here in 1982.  I moved to Louisville in 1988 after college, however, I am back practically every month to be with family/friends.   I am proud of my hometown and wish to contribute to the organization and to the entire community.  I am committed to the continuing success of NFPF and appreciate being considered for a position on the Board.


Fawn's Resume

Fawn Wujick, M.A., CCC-A

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