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The Director of the National Park Service has announced that actions have been taken on 21 properties from around the country, 2/9/2018 through 2/16/2018, for the National Register of Historic Places. 


Among these actions is APPROVAL of the

Newton Falls United Service Organization (USO) Center, Trumbull County, Newton Falls, Ohio

Reference Number: SG100002124   LISTED on 2/14/2018


“The National Park Service cares for special places saved by the American people so that all may experience our heritage.”


We would like to say THANK YOU to:

Dr. Everard Smith for his generosity and guidance;

The Ohio History Connection and Heritage Ohio for their encouragement;

The Newton Falls community for their unwavering support and, of course,

Our volunteers who ushered the Newton Falls U.S.O. Center nomination through the process and helped to secure this esteemed honor not only for Newton Falls, but for Trumbull County and the State of Ohio.

A VERY special “Thank You” goes out to Connie Talcott, for all of her hard work in seeing this through County, then State, and now National Register of Historic Places. Because of Connie’s dedication to our Community Center, we can now say;..…..…..…..…..…

"We Did It!”

Steve Simpson


Newton Falls Preservation Foundation

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