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Historic Buildings 

The First Step in Acknowledging Our Historic Buildings 

One goal of The Newton Falls Preservation Foundation is to ensure and highlight both the physical fabric as well as the history of our community by the protection and preservation of our heritage and natural environment.  The first step towards this goal will be to identify and respectfully acknowledge our currently little known and under-appreciated historic buildings.  

With a settlement that was initially part of the Connecticut Western Reserve, one would certainly expect to find a few older homes still standing in our area.  Through examination of Trumbull County property tax records, it appears that today, there are still over 600 homes built prior to 1939 within the Newton Falls Village incorporated limits.   The oldest home discovered was built around 1837. 

In collaboration among homeowners, the Trumbull County Historical Society and the Newton Falls Preservation Foundation, further research of records will begin on the first seventy (70) of the oldest homes and applications submitted for the Trumbull County Historical Society’s Historic Building Recognition Program. (Learn more about this application at 

Once approved by the Trumbull County Historic Sites Committee, the homeowner will receive a distinctive plaque for display on the exterior of their home.  (Please note that this program does not impose any historic building covenants or restrictions.)  This first phase of acknowledging our historic properties is scheduled to begin in the Spring 2017.  Our goal is to register twenty (20) homes by the end of this year. 

There are a number of historic buildings in and around our downtown area which are still being investigated.  Once clearly identified, these commercial buildings will also be eligible to apply for the same Historic Building Recognition Program.  

Volunteers will be needed to meet and assist homeowners in completing and submitting their application(s) to the Trumbull County Historical Society.  If you are interested in helping with this endeavor, please us contact at our web site or  email address

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