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USO Historian and Curator

For Immediate Release 

The Foundation has received historical artifacts from Camp Garfield and private donors. In the future we can expect to receive more if we want to achieve the dream of opening an area in the community Center as a museum dedicated to the building and its importance to the community though out its long history. 


The Foundation needs a Curator of these mementos of the building’s history and a Historian of the USO Community Center Building. There would be hard work involved; inventorying the artifacts, contacting universities or other specialists to find out how best to conserve them, creating a time line on any conservation efforts and the costs, photographing or scanning the collections, to name a few. 
More work, like researching the history and writing short informational blurbs for each to be posted to our social media and then longer versions, deeper stories that could be featured periodically on the website would be needed to promote the USO building, historic collection and history. 


The Board feels that only one person has the knowledge and skills to be the Foundations Official USO Historian and Curator, and that is Lisa Hoerig.  

The Board wants to recognize her dedication and contributions in the Foundation’s effort to save the Community Center USO building. She has proved herself to be an excellent re-searcher and historian. She  knows more about the USO buildings still standing in our nation and more importantly about our Community Center USO. 

Lisa has agreed to make it official and begin work on this huge undertaking to make sure generations to come will know this beloved building holding so many memories for all who walked through her doors. 

NFPF Board of Directors

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