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Newton Falls Preservation Foundation 


Meeting Tuesday March 27, 2018 6:00-7:00pm. 


Newton Falls Public Library 

Call to Order: Steve Simpson (President) 

Roll Call: Ron Stoner (V.P. / Interim Secretary)  

Attending Members? 

Acceptance & Approval of minutes of last meeting. 


Presidents Report: Steve Simpson 

  • Board Elections and By Laws: By – Law copies available 

  • Senatorial Citation 

  • Special Announcement!  


Vice Presidents Report: Ron Stoner 

  • Thank you for everyone’s hard work of the past 

  • Enhancement of our Public Parks + NFYB/SL Partnering & Volunteering 

  • Quick explanation from President Ashley Grunder 

  • Be careful of Social Media and Official NFPF sites 


Treasurers & Board Members Report: Connie Talcott 

  • Recent Tour & possible future Tours of Camp Ravenna & restrictions 

  • Camp Ravenna Historic Artifacts 

  • Financial Report of N.F.P.F. Funds 


Committee Reports: Connie Talcott & Lisa Hoerig: 

  • Historic Building Preservation Committee – Connie 

  • National List of Historic Places – Connie 

  • Trumbull County Historical Society Recognition – Connie 


Program: Governance Committee: Steve Simpson & Connie Talcott 

  • Vacancy on Board – Secretary? 


Fundraising Committee: 

  • March 18, 2018 “Legends of Folk” report – Pat Layshock 

  • Future Fund-raising Activities 

  • Registering with the Ohio Secretary of State for Fundraising. 


Membership Committee: ?  (needs forming and organizing) 


To all Members: It is our intent to hold positive meetings with limited open discussions on the topics listed: we are always open for suggestions from you and all community members. Please respect the fact that our meetings need to be limited to the hour given to us by the Newton Falls Public Library. Our goals are always the same based on our mission statement as stated on our web page and Facebook page: 


The Newton Falls Preservation Foundation 

Is committed to the preservation of our local 

Historic architecture and cultural heritage 

Through education, collaboration, advocacy and stewardship. 


Facebook: Official Page – Newton Falls Preservation Foundation 

Not: N.F. Preservation Foundation 

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